If I am to answer this eternal question of fashion, I would say: sure, if you can afford it! But what fashion dictates is something not so easy. According to latest laws of fashion, you shouldn’t match your handbag with your shoes, but you should turn more to what is now known as the ‘art of coordinating’ shoes and handbags. Does this mean that now you can go crazy when you spot a handbags sale sign and get match handbagsevery handbag you like although you know you have no shoes to match it to? It seems like it. But of course is not that easy, because as much as we want to make style and appearance an effortless task, it just doesn’t go that way. It’s a rather sensitive task on which every woman needs to pay proper attention and let herself look at least decent if not trendy.

So what does the ‘art of coordinating’ mean? All women in the fashion world have different understandings on this issue; some believe coordinating can’t mean anything but matching colours and matching accessories, while others understand this as tasteful combining of colours , textures and accessories. And sure, both opinions are true, and it all comes down to a woman’s personal preference and taste. And yes, both opinions validate you spending an amount of money when you spot a handbags sale sign in just one day ( how can they not? )

For instance, I do the ‘art of coordinating’ quite often, and I consider myself to have an eye for matching colours. (believe me, some people can not make a good colour combination even if drawn on a large canvas in front of them!) I also match the shoes with the handbag when I can, and when I want to look all polished and perfect. But, the core principle on which I believe coordinating should be done, is to find the base colour of a print handbag, or blouse of skirt or whatever piece of clothing, and than match the shoes with that colour. Especially in cases when a print handbag is in question. Or print shoes. Or, if you can’t completely match those two colours, try to at least make them belong to the same palette of colours, like beige and peach do for example.


As for combinations, the same case. If I am wearing an all-black handbag, I would wear black shoes, and a black belt, since you can’t go wrong with black.

All in all, if you’re trying to justify your shopping spree because you saw a handbags sale sign in stores, don’t try it. You bought that handbag because you liked it, and not having the exact matching shoes should not be seen as a problem or a pointless waste of money. As long as you have something that belongs to the same colour range, you’re good to go. But don’t forget, you shouldn’t be looking like a walking colour mess.