Are you planning to let the cold weather destroy your unique feeling for style and fashion, thus stop you from looking awesome this winter? Definitely NOT. You can still look trendy and fancy without fearing that you may look like a stuffed toy, due to the warm clothes that normally, have to protect you in chill, winter times. Hence, to look and feel hot this winter, you need to make sure to have one particular piece of winter accessory in your wardrobe, called woolen scarf.

Scarves come in so many different models, designs and colours, which means that you do not have to wait for a particular season in the year to wear this excellent and extremely versatile piece of fashion accessory. Obviously, scarves made out of wool cannot be worn in summer, as the purpose of this material is to keep you warm in cold, winter days. If you have been thinking about some chic and popular ways of tying and wearing woolen scarves, here are few.

  • The Wrap-And-Tie Look

    This is the fastest and easiest option to look modern and absolutely stunning. To get your wrap-and-tie look in the blink of an eye, you have to wrap your woolen scarf around your neck, then tie both sides of the scarf in the middle over the chest. While performing this task, make sure to keep the free ends dangle below.

  • The Dramatic Winter Look

    There is nothing wrong to add a dose of drama in freezing temperatures and you can ideally do this by going for the so-called ‘dramatic winter look’, achieved with your woolen scarf. Start by draping the scarf over the shoulders, while throwing one of its ends to the opposite shoulder, thus creating a look of drape. One more interesting variation of the dramatic winter look is wearing your woolen scarf like a cape, where the scarf has to cover both your shoulders and be tied right below your neck.

  • The Four-In-Hand Choker

    If you strive for creative, yet simple look, the four-in-hand choker is the right way to go. Maybe it sounds complicated, but believe me, it is not. All you have to do is wrap the woolen scarf around the neck twice and instead of letting the scarf’s ends hang loose, you have to tuck them in around your neck. This way, you will ensure a chic look to the entire outfit.

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