Black is back! Yes I know, you’ll say that black has always been on the stage and that it’s the eternal colour. I won’t argue with that, but what hasn’t always been true is black being the ultimate day colour in summer. In winter it’s expected to see all black during the day, but in winter? When skin is tanned, hair is perfect and bright fluorescent nail colours sparkle on your fingers? Rarely. Well, not this season. All black look is totally IN this summer. Just look at street stylers and fashion bloggers and you’ll see all these gorgeous combinations of little black dresses and all kinds of shoes and accessories creating the perfect outfit. Moreover, beachwear for women also has the black element incorporated in it! From swimsuits to tops and beach dresses; black, black, black!

Let’s take a moment and look at the black dress for a while. The little black dress is classic for an elegant night out, right? True. But recently, a long wide black dress is the perfect choice for a walk in the park, or going out in the city with friends, or for going to the beach! If you search for beachwear for women, whether it’s online or through stores, you’ll see how many black elements this area has.

And the black midi dress? Fashion’s latest trend is just perfect, and it can be worn by all women of all sizes and shapes! Somehow, this length suits everyone.

And the best thing about black during the day is that it can be accessorized with a very wide choice of accessories and shoes. You can combine it with heels, sneakers, all-stars, and beach slippers.

To be honest, black is for women that prefer elegance and simplicity over the craziness live colours radiate. Just look at swimsuits; from all beachwear for women, you’d think that a black swimsuit is a crazy thought when you can put the accent on your tan with some extremely light pink or yellow or green bikini. But a good quality bikini and a nice bronze tan is a win – win combination; you have your tan and your classy style with you on the best place on Earth- the beach!

black dress women

So, are you in doubt how to get dressed for tonight’s night out with your friends? Or maybe you need a very fancy combination for the day? If you still don’t have it, you better rush in the store of your favourite brand or sit in front of your computer and search online; a black dress is a must for this summer! Plus, it’s always good to have a backup outfit if your first choice doesn’t work out.