Feeling excited about summer 2015? So do we. Hence, if one of your future summer plans is backpacking Australia, few instructions may come in handy when making your packing choice, regardless of whether your activities will be concentrated on the East Coast beaches or you will be more focused on the outback.

Australian ladies are very lucky to have at disposal a range of well-supplied fashion accessories Australia retailers that come with very interesting and colourful portfolios on the market. A friendly advice when looking for a fashion accessories Australia retailer is to opt for experience and reputation, especially when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck.

Since we take care of you and want to help you ensure the time of your life when backpacking this summer, we have put up a short, yet detailed list of must-have essentials you need to have in your travel bag. So, there you go.

  • Sun Screen

    The first thing you should not leave your home without is the sun screen. Australian summers are world-known for the exceptionally strong sun rays, so make sure to bring with you a quality, UV-protective sun block as one of the top backpacking essentials.

  • Colourful Beach Bag

    With a beach bag in hand or on your shoulder, you will have all that is needed for a memorable day full of fun and pleasure by the pool or on the beach. When buying a beach bag for summer 2015, keep in mind that a good beach bag provides enough space to fit a lady’s typical beach essentials, including towels, sunglasses, books and flip-flops. For example, a tote beach bag makes an exceptionally stylish and practical option for summer getaways.

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  • Good Pair Of Shoes

    Australian nature is wild and vivid, so you will definitely need a pair of quality walking or hiking shoes to support all your outdoor activities. Let’s not forget the fact that Australia is the home of many dangerous creatures, especially snakes and spiders, so an appropriate pair of shoes is a must for your nature-exploring adventures.

  • Waterproof Hooded Jacket

    Apart from a quality and durable umbrella, you also do not have to forget to pack a lightweight waterproof hooded jacket in your travel bag. This is the piece of clothing you will cry to have it on you when Australian heavy summer rains and strong winds call to action.