Redecorating your home can become a real challenge especially when you want to add only one thing in it. Well, the best way to redecorate your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with something striking is with wallpaper. With so many options on pattern, colour, size and style, it is pretty easy to choose the one that will perk up these places. However, when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper vintage style is the most appealing and popular type of wallpaper among Australian households. If you wonder why, the answer is pretty simple, because they are classy, elegant and will add special charm be it to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper vinage style

Vintage wallpapers can create a beautiful kitchen décor. If you don’t want to cover the entire space in wallpaper, you can create a feature wall which will divide the dining area from your kitchen. Depending on how colourful the wallpaper it is, you can put some accessories that will match the wallpaper vintage style.
For example, this vintage wallpaper with its small flowers which covers the entire kitchen wall is extremely appealing and charming. It is bright and lively enough to perk up any kitchen without having to change anything else. Or, you can opt for something more serene and colourless that will match to any kitchen décor.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper vinage style bedroom

Since the bedroom is the only private place you have in your home, it must be carefully decorated. The bedroom is the place where you want to relax and enjoy, so choosing soothing colours is a must. Since vintage bedroom wallpapers range from lush florals to serene colours, whichever you choose will surely illuminate your bedroom. However, if you don’t want to change it after a while (as the decor trend is constantly changing) choose a soothing wallpaper that will make your bedroom calm and cozy. Just do not forget to add some new details like vases, lamps or artwork that will illuminate your bedroom even more.

Bathroom Wallpapers

wallpaper vinage style bathroom

Even though the smallest space in your home, the bathroom must be decorated with style. If you want to make a difference, choose a unique, big and bold print vintage wallpaper with birds or big flowers for example, that will instantly spruce up your bathroom. In case you don’t want to make such a big change, you can always opt for a classy and soothing vintage wallpaper in white, cream or pale pink, or you can choose a wallpaper with tiny flowers on it to make your bathroom more alive.