Fashion trends come and go, so it’s no surprise that the 80s are back in full swing. Let’s look at some 80s mens fashion trends that the modern 21 century man loves.

The 80s were most known for the crazy and colorful fashion statements, for both men and women. From velour tracksuits to chunky god jewelry, men across the world were taking fashion risks in this decade, and they weren’t holding back. And of course, fashion is always coming back, so the most basic 80s mens fashion trends have been slowly but surely coming back into style.

Men in the 80s loved the casual style and were highly influenced by what TV characters were wearing – some of those things being the slogan T-shirt.

80s mens fashion trends

Slogan T-shirts are still to this day in style, with fashion brands competing with each other on who will come up with the best slogan T-shirt.

When on the topic of fashion brands, Levi’s was a huge influence in the 80s. Double denim looks were all over the streets. Oversized denim jackets with jeans and a slogan T-shirt or sweatshirt was one of the go-to looks for teenagers in the 80s.

80s mens fashion trends 1

Active wear was super popular in this decade. Matching sweatshirts and sweatpants were IN, just like tracksuits and athletic shoes. Ranging from one brand to another, and from one bold color to another, men in the 80s loved the sport-leisure look, something that is still around to this day. In the past couple of years active wear has been growing in our modern day closets, being combined with non active wear clothing. For example, black skinny jeans with an Adidas sweatshirt, or a button up shirt with running shoes.

The preppy, conservative style was big in the 50s, then made its comeback in the 80s. Khakis and sweater vests were the staple for the everyday “preppy” man, and we can all agree that those same pieces of clothing are still to this day worn by those same exact “preppy” men. Oxford shirts or polo shirts were worn with a sweater tied around the neck loosely, a method that is still very popular amongst men.

80s mens fashion trends 2

We can all safely agree that most of the 80s mens fashion trends never left the fashion scene. Of course, there are a couple of tweaks that were made to make those trends more modern day-like but the basics are still there. This is just proof that nothing goes out of style.