Sometimes in life we need a bit of luck, and sometimes we need to have installed emergency and exit lighting. Emergency light is very important and effective safety tool, that provides you with reassurance and guidance at critical moments when you need to escape quickly. Since emergency and exit lighting saves lives, it required by Australian law, which is supported by all international standards. In this article we will know all the basics about emergency and exit lighting.


Firstly, it would be very beneficial if everyone knows how to use and install safety lights, however, there are some groups that are required to know this such as:safety officers, building designers, specifiers, consultants, employers, facility managers, people who are responsible for helping people in need and much more. Even though the need for emergency and exit lighting is defined by dozens of laws, the decision which type should be install it falls upon the stakeholders. There are dozens of things to consider such as the luminary category, durations, system type and testing should be planed before the system is installed.

Whether you are renovating or building your new house/apartment, it is highly recommended that there should be crucial considerations done before it is reviewed, to avoid any risks such as wrong specifications and potential network rework. There are a couple of categories of emergency and exit lighting.


These categories works only when the main power fails, and usually it is used on construction sites or other small facilities.


These lights operates at all times, even where there is no power it is powered by a batteries. This is a permanent supply and can be switched to a normal supply at any given time.

Combined non-maintained

These are also known as sustained lighting which is more than on lamp, where one is operated and the other is for emergency. When the main lamp is still active one or more lamps work,but when the main fails they will light on.

Combined maintained lighting

These type of lighting is very similar to the non-maintained, because the main one it works where there is power, but if the main fails only one lamp activates.

Now you have the basic grasp before you go out and shop for emergency and exit lighting. The next step is to find a retailer, whether on the internet or in their physical store, and have a long and understanding talk. If you decide to shop online, it is recommended to use their phone number or email to contact them. A good and professional retailer will answer you as fast as possible and offer you the most reliable and reasonable price.