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Some Good Ideas for Women’s Work Outfits

Picking out the ideal work outfit can be a real chore sometimes. You want to strike a balance between coming off as the type of professional that knows exactly what she’s doing, but not be too over dressed either. To help you in making a decision, here are a few combinations that work in nearly any kind of work environment.

People tend to notice and pay attention to shoes much more than even they themselves notice, meaning that if you want to give off the right impression the first item that you will want to focus on is some decent work footwear.
Luckily there is quite a large assortment of work footwear for women, which means that you can find the ideal pair of shoes that go with whatever you are planning on wearing, or start from the shoes and create the outfit from there.

Work Footwear

If you go with a classic pair of suit pants or even some jeans, then the best option is probably a classy pair of high heels that say you’re the boss. However, if your work suit is comprised of a well tailored skirt, then you have the freedom to be able to put on some open toed heels, or even knee high boots if you would like.

Next, you will really want to get yourself a classic form-fitting blazer that is ideal for any kind of office environment, and really gives of a feeling of professionalism and business mindedness. The absolute best feature of the blazer is it’s ability to pull really any outfit together and make it feel like the perfect addition to any two-piece work suit. No other article of clothing can be worn with either a blouse or a turtle-neck sweater and still look as good with both. Another perk is that you can pick out whether you want to get yourself a darker coloured one that will give more of a business suit vibe, or a warmer pastel coloured one that will give you more of a friendly and approachable air.

Finally, we come to a few of the more popular accessories that can go great with practically any sense of style or outfit. The belt is a perfect example of this, as a stylish belt across the waist can give you a little extra flare and tie any outfit together, literally. Next, you will really want to accessorize a bit and put on a good pair of earrings or a necklace, but just be careful not to go with anything too gaudy for the workplace. And finally, you will really want to get a handbag, firstly for what it adds to your look, but also for it’s practical application as well.


Black Summer Dress is a Must-Have

Black is back! Yes I know, you’ll say that black has always been on the stage and that it’s the eternal colour. I won’t argue with that, but what hasn’t always been true is black being the ultimate day colour in summer. In winter it’s expected to see all black during the day, but in winter? When skin is tanned, hair is perfect and bright fluorescent nail colours sparkle on your fingers? Rarely. Well, not this season. All black look is totally IN this summer. Just look at street stylers and fashion bloggers and you’ll see all these gorgeous combinations of little black dresses and all kinds of shoes and accessories creating the perfect outfit. Moreover, beachwear for women also has the black element incorporated in it! From swimsuits to tops and beach dresses; black, black, black! Continue reading “Black Summer Dress is a Must-Have”

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